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And She Games... is a blog for all the gamer girls out there. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and yes even grandmothers. We are in school, or out in the workforce, or working from home, or staying at home raising kids, or maybe even retired. The one thing we have in common is we all game. Video games, board games, roleplaying. We are more than just gamers, we are more than just women; maybe gaming doesn't define us, but it does unite us.

Deanna is a wife, a home maker, and a mother to two little gamer girls in training. She runs Maple Leaf Mommy, a successful Canadian parenting and review blog. Between cooking, cleaning, writing, refereeing dinosaur invasions and kissing booboos she somehow still finds time to game.

She plays board games several times a month at home sessions and during organized public gaming events with the Windsor Gaming Resource. She recently started an all dwarf Warhammer 3rd edition roleplaying campaign. She's also constantly playing in the numerous one-shot games her husband organizes in his ongoing efforts to play test every RPG ever written.  Not to mention the countless hours spent playing Boarderlands or Dragon Age on the xBox 360 and the occasional stolen moment spent playing Dragon Quest on her Nintendo DS. All while secretly wishing her group would go back and finish up that D&D 3.5 campaign that fell apart, as she feels its never nice to leave a level 16 half-orc barbarian waiting!

Suffice it to say Deanna is a well rounded gamer, who just happens to also be somebody's mother. And she games...

Shari is the owner and author of The Knit Wit by Shair, and has many hobbies and interests.  One that she doesn't talk too much about is her obsession ...er...love of gaming.  She really likes games she can play and knit at the same time.  Shari’s specialties are gaming apps, social media games, Wii games, and the more mainstream family board games.  She also loves card games, when she can find someone to play with.

Outside of gaming, she is the mother of 3 young boys, wife to an awesome hubby, loves to knit, watch NASCAR, and loves to bake. It’s best not to bother her on a Sunday afternoon between February to November. Shari is happiest when she can combine all of her loves together. And she games...

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